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CHEFA Announces FY 2022 John M. Biancamano Client Grant Program Letter of Interest RFP To Open April 26, 2021 (click here for more information)

All CHEFA Tax-Exempt Bond and Loan clients will be eligible to apply for the FY 2022 John M.

CHEFA in the Community: Oak Hill/CT Institute for the Blind

As part of our FY 2019 Nonprofit Grant Program CHEFA awarded Oak Hill/CT institute for the Blind a grant in the amount of $73,947 for medical equipment and facility upgrades for people with disabilities and chronic health issues.

This grant provided needed assistance to a young girl, who has a disability and requires assistive technology and durable medical equipment, in order to access school, doctors’ appointments and join in on her favorite activities. 

Meet the CHEFA Board of Directors

The CHEFA Board is appointed by the Governor with its Chair nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the State Legislature. The Vice Chair is elected by the Board from the membership.

The Board draws its members from the public and private sectors, including from the markets served by CHEFA. Board members receive no compensation.

CHEFA in the Community: Community Health Services COVID-19 Grant Makes a Difference

CHEFA is proud to support organizations like the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut (CHCACT), providing crucial healthcare services to CT residents regardless of ability to pay or citizenship status. 

We recently received an email from Judy Tallman, the Director Grants & Outreach for Community Health Services (one of CHCACT member organizations), detailing how our FY 2021 COVID-19 Grant Program is making a difference for some of their most underserved clients. 

CHESLA Scholarship Applications Now Open!

CHESLA is now accepting undergraduate degree scholarship applications for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

In order to qualify for a scholarship, applicants must be: 

•A resident of the State of Connecticut,

•Be enrolled at least half-time for the 2021-2022 academic year,

•Be enrolled and attending an eligible Connecticut state or non-profit, degree granting institution of higher education in the 2021-2022 academic year,

•Have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $6,000 or less per the student’s most recent FAFSA submission in 2021-2022,

The Westminster School Issues Uniquely Structured Bond Deal

The Westminster School recently issued bonds to refinance two of its outstanding bond issues through the Authority.

February is Financial Aid Awareness Month

CHESLA is partnering with the Connecticut State Department of Education to support the first statewide Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion Challenge.

Meet CHEFA’s Board of Directors: Peter Lisi, Board Chair

Peter Lisi is the Chair of CHEFA’s Board of Directors. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and has over 25 years of experience in education and business. Mr. Lisi has held a number of positions for prominent organizations throughout Connecticut and brings an extensive background in sponsored research, strategic planning and policy analysis, financial modeling, operating and capital budgets, and external relations to the CHEFA Board of Directors.  

CHEFA is featured on Comcast Newsmakers! Click here to view.

CHEFA’s Grant Programs Help Achieve Its Mission

Betty Sugerman Weintraub, CHEFA Grant Program Manager was recently interviewed for the January segment of Comcast Newsmakers. In the interview Betty discusses how CHEFA works to fulfill its mission as well as the impact of the CHEFA Grant Program. Betty also highlights four of the organizations that received significant awards in their FY 2021 COVID-19 Grant Program.  



  • Incentivize economic development in Connecticut’s low-income communities to address social and economic issues
  • Provide affordable capital to non-profit organizations that serve Connecticut’s low-income communities by granting businesses a state income tax credit to incentivize private investment in needed projects