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Updated Grant Program Policies

The CHEFA Board of Directors met and approved updated grant program policies.  CHEFA issues tax-exempt bonds for 501(c)(3) entities, primarily in the healthcare, educational, childcare, and cultural sectors.  Grants will be made to 501(c )( 3) organizations or public educational institutions that are constituent units as defined in C.G.S.§10a-1 whose core mission fits into one of these four sectors.   The mission of your organization as a whole must fit into one of our four priority areas in order for your organization to be eligible for a CHEFA grant.

CHEFA will continue to fund capital projects/purchases and program grants.  Grant recipients will now be eligible to receive a grant in three consecutive years before being asked to take one year off prior to applying for another grant. This replaces the previous policy of two consecutive years receiving a grant and the following year off. There will no longer be a 10% investment in the capital project/purchases or program required of our Client Grant applicants,(this requirement had not applied to the Nonprofit Grant applicants).

CHEFA funds statewide, which also is unique within the Connecticut philanthropic sector.  Most foundations within the state are bound by a geographic footprint; we do not have these restrictions.  We hope to review grant requests and award grants throughout the state subject to funding availability.

We are looking at innovative models that will combine our unique expertise in the investment, philanthropic, and legislative arenas.  Tackling statewide societal issues with the potential for large-scale impact through Social Impact Bonds (also known as Pay for Success) could be an opportunity for CHEFA to explore providing leadership within the state and philanthropic sector.  Funder collaborations and informational sessions may also provide leadership potential for CHEFA moving forward. 

We aim to be a responsible and responsive grantmaker.  Please feel free to call Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager, at 860-761-8428 or email at with questions about our Grant Program.


Betty Sugerman Weintraub

Grant Program Manager
CHEFA Grant Program