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Financial Advisory Services

CHEFA offers a variety of financial advisory services to assist both first-time borrowers as well as existing clients in meeting their capital financing needs. In addition, CHEFA has various outside financial advisors to provide additional support. CHEFA’s involvement does not end there. After a bond issue closes, CHEFA has staff dedicated to the ongoing monitoring of the issue until the bonds are eventually paid off.

Many first-time borrowers are sometimes a little apprehensive entering into the municipal bond market. CHEFA can provide a debt capacity analysis and peer analysis to help an institution in its financial planning and decision-making process. CHEFA is available throughout the financing process to work with the client in structuring the transaction, obtaining credit enhancement and selection of an investment banker.

Once an issue is closed, CHEFA monitors the construction fund process and works with the institution to select the appropriate investment vehicle to maximize its interest rate earnings. In addition, CHEFA will monitor the spending of the construction fund proceeds to ensure that they meet the Internal Revenue Service's guidelines.