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Reporting, Modifications & Compliance Requirements

Reporting Requirements

All CHEFA grantees are required to file an online Interim Report at the six month timeframe and a Final Project Report within 60 days of the end of their grant period on the CHEFA Grant Management System (pertains to all FY 2019 and later grants, if your grant was FY 2018 or earlier, a hard copy form will be provided).  Please contact Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager at

Modification Requests

All requests for modifications to CHEFA grants must be made in writing via an initial email or a call to the Authority.  After consultation with the Grant Progarm Manager, the organization will be asked to complete the online Grant Modification Form (for FY 2019 grants and later) on CHEFA's Grant Management System.  For FY 2018 and earlier, a hard copy Modification Form will be provided.  Please contact Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager at

Modifications should not be requested during the final 60 days of any grant period, nor after a grant period has ended. 


 Grantees are reminded that the grant agreement requires grantees to maintain full, accurate and current records of the funded project, which shall show, and separately account for the grant funds disbursed by the Authority and identify the purposes for which, and manner in which, the Grant Funds are expended.  The failure to ensure that records are accurately maintained and funds are spent as delineated in the project budget provided to the Authority constitutes a breach of the grant agreement. 

 Grantees are required to use and retain capital assets purchased with grant funds for a minimum of five years.  Disposal, transfer, or sale of said assets within five years of award, without the written consent of the Authority will constitute a breach of the grant agreement.  The Authority may be obligated to report findings of noncompliance to various State and regulatory authorities.