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Quinnipiac University Issue, Series M

Bond proceeds provided for the refunding of a portion of the University's 2008 Series J & K issues, and financed the construction and renovation of new athletic fields, a performing arts facility, a musical rehearsal space, an engineering lab, science labs, and other miscellaneous capital projects.

Yale University Issue, Series 2016A

Bond proceeds financed the refunding of the University's 2007 Series Z-1 issue.  The $150 million Series 2016 A-1 was structured with a 3-year put option, and the $249.3 million Series 2016 A-2 was structured with a 10-year put option.  The Net Interest Cost for the new issues was 1.50%, compared to 4.44% on the refunded bonds.

Fairfield University Issue, Series Q-1

Bond proceeds financed a number of projects in support of the University's Master Campus Plan, which includes: construction of a new health sciences building; construction of a new 220 bed residence hall; expansion of dining capacity in the campus center; and construction of a new parking garage.  The University is rated A3 and A- by Moody's and Standard & Poor's, respectively.

Quinnipiac University Issue, Series L

Bond proceeds provided for the refinancing of the University's Series H, I and J issues, and new money projects.

University of New Haven Issue, Series J

Bond proceeds were used for the acquisition of a residence hall that had previously been leased.

Connecticut College Issues, Series J

The Series J Bonds financed renovations and expansion of the College's library, renovations to the campus power plant, and miscellaneous construction and renovation projects.

University of Bridgeport Issue, Series E

The bonds were used for the design and construction of a new residential facility and laboratory facilities, improvements to the campus electrical grid, construction of parking facilities, and renovations to various historic buildings.

Connecticut Credit Union Student Loan Program


When Public Act 09-110 was approved during the 2009 legislative session, the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA) began its collaboration with the Credit Union League of Connecticut to create a Credit Union Student Loan Program.  The program was established so that low interest rate loans could be offered to Connecticut students experiencing difficulty in obtaining financing for post-secondary education.


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