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Western Connecticut Health Network Issue, Series P

Bond proceeds provided for the refunding of Danbury Hospital's 2006 Series H bond issue.  The net present value savings was over $10.9 million, or 27.6%.

Griffin Hospital Issue, Series E&F

Bond proceed provided for the refunding of the Hospital's 2005 Series B, 2007 Series C&D bond issues, and to fund approximately $2.5 million for capital expenditures.  The Series E & F issues were a variable rate private placement with a 5-year tender date.

Stamford Hospital Issue, Series K

Bond proceeds provided for reimbursement to the Hospital for expenses incurred for construction of a new Patient Tower.  The Series K bonds were sold with one term bond in 2046 with a 4% coupon at a price of $106.93.

Middlesex Hospital Issue, Series P

Bond proceeds provided for the refunding of the Hospital's 2007 Series M bond issue, which resulted in 6.57%, or over $700,000, in net present value savings.

Hospital for Special Care Issue, Series F

Bond proceeds provided for the partial refunding of the Hospital's 2007 Series C and 2010 Series E bond issues.  The issue was structured with a 15-year put, and the refundings achieved over $4.9 million in net present value savings.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Issue, Series D

Bond proceeds financed the expansion of the Hospital's Emergency Department to provide an increased number of treatment rooms; the relocation of the Cardio Diagnostics department; and acquisition of two properties which will be used for medical, administrative and/or other hospital purposes.

CHEFA Grant Provides Training to First Responders

CHEFA recently awarded $143,800 through its Targeted Investment Program to Hartford Hospital for first responder training to improve survivability from emergency events, including mass casualty for police, fire and rescue personnel. 

CHEFA Grant in the News

A recent grant to Hartford Hospital from CHEFA's Targeted Investment Program is being used to train first responders to increase survival rates of mass casualty events.

CHEFA Issues Financial Consultant RFP

Please follow this link for information regarding the CHEFA RFP for Financial Consultant.

Financial Consultant RFP

RFP for Financial Consultant for Report to Legislature

Event Date: 
07/10/2015 - 4:15pm to 07/24/2015 - 5:00pm

RFP is for Financial Consultant to assist with the development of a report regarding hospital financing alternatives pursuant to Section 38 of Public Act 15-146.

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