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CHEFA Introduces A New Logo

CHEFA is excited to introduce its new logo!  We believe it symbolizes the important role that CHEFA plays in Connecticut.

The rise of a new day is represented with the sun as a cog to showcase CHEFA’s role in the inner workings of a successful state and as a contributor to economic and workforce development.

The depiction of an active community highlights an expanding infrastructure.  Borrowing from our existing logo, we’ve advanced the visual timeline to be more inclusive of CHEFA’s current role within the state.  Now, rather than just scaffolding, the illustration showcases a more complete skyline.

Instead of using a simple silhouette, we wanted to introduce a fresh idea to represent the state—something that depicts a healthy and thriving community.  We chose a robin, the state bird, and its coloring to represent a vibrant Connecticut that will continue to take flight and soar into the future.

And last, we added a new tagline – The Authority on Nonprofit Financing in Connecticut—because we believe that captures the essence of who we are!