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CHEFA Fall Webinar - IRS Revised Form 990 Schedule K

The Authority hosted a webinar in Fall 2009 for its bond clients to review the Form 990 Schedule K in depth.  The following is an overview of this discussion.

  • Review the origin of Schedule K and IRS efforts to ensure post-issuance compliance with tax-exempt bond issuance
  • Explore Private Business Use compliance in depth
  • Review IRS Form 990 filing requirements
  • Look at IRS suggested guidelines for post-issuance bond compliance procedures and record retention practices

Michela Daliana of Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP and David Panico of Robinson & Cole LLP served as the presenters for the webinar. 

For more information regarding the webinar, please contact Cynthia Peoples, Assistant Director at (860) 761-8421 or  The slides from the webinar are available below.


PDF icon Post-Issuance Compliance WEBINAR430.55 KB