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Targeted Grant Program


There will not be a FY 2021 CHEFA Targeted Grant Program.  Grant funds for FY 2021 have been devoted to the COVID-19 Grant Program.  For a list of the CHEFA FY 2021 COVID-19 Grant Recipients please see attachment below.

We anticipate that there will be a FY 2022 Targeted Grant Program, starting with a Letter of Interest sometime in the spring/summer of 2021.  Please check the website for updates or contact Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager at or 860.761.8428 for more information.


CHEFA Announces Grant Program Modifications Due to COVID -19 

At the April 15, 2020 board meeting, the CHEFA Board of Directors approved the following modifications to the existing FY 2019 and 2020 Client and Nonprofit Grant Programs and upcoming FY 2020 Nonprofit Grants:


1.  An additional six months for:

a. FY 2019 Nonprofit Grant Program

b. FY 2019 Client Grant Program

c. FY 2020 Client Grant Program

d. FY 2019 Targeted Grant Program: for second year of two-year grant

e. FY 2020 Targeted Grant Program


2. Allow FY 2020 Nonprofit Grant Program (currently under review) approved grants by the Board of Directors at the May 20, 2020 board meeting to have eighteen months to complete their project/program.


3. CHEFA may offer additional extensions at its sole discretion.



1. A six-month timeframe extension for grant reporting for all FY 2019-2021 cycles.

2. CHEFA may offer additional extensions at its sole discretion.



1. Allow for FY 2019 Nonprofit and FY 2020 Client grantees to convert their program grants to general operating grants if the crisis results in program disruption.

2. Allow program grants awarded through the FY 2020 Nonprofit Grant cycle as of the May 20, 2020 board meeting to utilize their award for general operating funds.  Awardees will be notified of details after May 20th board meeting.  Please note May 15th deadline noted below does not apply to this grant cycle.

3. Allow for current or pending capital expenditure grantees to request redirection of their grants to general operating funds.  These grant requests will be reviewed by management and approved on a case by case basis.

4. Allow organizations requesting conversion of their remaining program/capital expenditure grants to general operating funds to utilize the effective date of March 2, 2020 through the end of the grant cycle.


For more information please contact Betty Sugerman Weintraub, Grant Program Manager at 860.761.8428 or




CHEFA Makes Major Commitment to Supporting Connecticut’s Workforce 

In an effort to support workforce and economic development in the State of Connecticut, the Connecticut Health and Educational Facilities Authority (CHEFA or Authority), is proud to announce a major commitment to statewide workforce initiatives.  CHEFA’s Board of Directors met on January 15th and awarded FY 2020 Targeted Grant Program grants totaling $1 Million Dollars to four organizations.  The following entities and programs each received a grant in the amount of $250,000:


  • Career Resources, Inc. - To Support the STRIVE Program, Workforce Development and Job Readiness Training for employment challenged and formerly justice-involved individuals, in four cities (Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury), and to start a pre-release program at York Correctional Facility and Cheshire Correctional Facility TRUE Unit.

  • Statewide Workforce Development Boards – To Support First-Time Employment for Opportunity Youth (ages 16-24) Summer (in-school youth) and year-round (out of school youth).

  • Working Cities Challenge (fiscal agent CT Council for Philanthropy) – To support a major workforce and economic development initiative of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  Five Connecticut cities (Danbury, East Hartford, Hartford, Middletown, Waterbury) have been designated as Working Cities and focus on community driven solutions to workforce issues in their communities.

  • Statewide Workforce Development Boards – To Support Training and Remove Barriers to Employment (childcare, transportation, training costs, certification fees, work-related necessities) for job growth sectors (Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT, Logistics and Transportation, Hospitality) through the statewide American Job Centers.


In 2019, the CHEFA Board of Directors voted to align the FY 2019-FY 2021 Targeted Grant Program (addressing an impactful statewide need in multiple communities) with their three year Strategic Plan Pillar of “Economic and Workforce Development for the Public Good” by awarding grants over $100,000 to statewide workforce initiatives.  Workforce Development fits within CHEFA’s Grant Program Priority of Education.


“Workforce is one of the seminal issues for the State of Connecticut.  Investing in the current and future workforce will help to ensure the vitality of the state.  We are proud to support efforts to facilitate employment for Opportunity Youth; individuals formerly justice system involved; those facing barriers to employment and training; as well as the Working Cities Challenge communities focused on grass-roots level economic and workforce development” said Estela Lopez, CHEFA Grant Committee Chairperson and Board Member.


CHEFA provides access to tax-exempt financing and other financial assistance to educational institutions, healthcare providers, childcare providers and other eligible not-for-profit entities.


CHEFA established the Grant Program in 2002 to provide nonprofit organizations, operating or seeking to operate a program(s) in Connecticut, with the opportunity to access funding through competitive grants.  Since inception, CHEFA Grant Programs have provided over $33 million dollars to Connecticut nonprofit organizations.  This program was made possible through the fiscally responsible management of the Authority by CHEFA Officers and Board of Directors, and UTILIZES NO STATE OF CONNECTICUT FUNDS.